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January 06, 2008


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Sonya Terrell Braun

Our trash ends up in someone's backyard. Surry County, N.C., using eminent domain just took our family farm - all 95 acres for topsoil on the nearby landfill.
Recycle people!


Well said. I am also confused with the "us" versus "them" attitude. I guess it's easier to categorize and make generalizations when there are two sides. But the two sides are never that black and white, are they?

Thank you for initiating this conversation!

Brenda McAlice

Hi Ari!
I saw somewhere on this site or in one of your interviews a comment that you don't understand why your recycling goes all the way to Asia to get processed, and that it seems like it would make recycling not even worth it. I agree that it seems counterintuitive to send something so far in an attempt to protect the environment. However, it is still well worth it. The fossil fuels used to transport it to Asia would be used anyway to take empty container ships back. Because we import so much more than we export, most container ships go back nearly empty. Sending back recycling to be processed actually makes a lot of sense since many of the containers we recycle contained Asain-made goods to begin with- it puts the recycled raw packaging materials back into the hands of the producers. While I certainly would like to see a shift to more local markets, the process makes sense for the current market.

On another note, I am very impressed with the project you took on and I am thankful to you for bringing the discussion of waste and consumption in our society to a more main-stream audience.


Happy New Year "Cuz" (or is it 'cous'?) -

Guess I can't say "what have you been up to?"!
You're project has inspired me to clean up our act a bit. The Waste Management strike had a hand, as well - we had our own (involuntary) trash saving project during that time, and it was eye opening, to say the least.
It's a slow process for us, but we're working on it!

Once you catch up with your hundreds of emails...let's catch up ourselves...I think of you often...joyce


Very good and intelligent project, I enjoy watching it.

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