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January 01, 2008


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Myckelle Williams

Am I missing something? Doesnt it stink? If my trash is left around the house for a week, we are holding our noses around here. I have six kids and two dogs, and there is no way I could try this. But, I am concerned for the health of this man. Dont certain things beccome toxic when they ferment and fester after so long? And what about maggots and bugs? Those get in my trash after three or four days. Isnt that unhealthy? Roaches? Mice? Both of which carry diseases. Thats why we have a city dump, to house all those things there.
How is this a good idea, when it may put health and safety at risk. Or is he cleaning off the garbage before he stores it?
I am curious to know, and to view photos.


Why is it that people commend this? How can someone read Ari's project and just make a post saying 'great job man!' and not have an overwhelming feeling that they create more trash than he does? I've been working on reducing my trash the past several months and have done very well so far, and I will always be trying to push that goal farther. Don't just make a lousy post to commend him. Post saying you will start reducing your trash now! Just do it!


these kinds of projects are so necessary right now. hopefully your efforts will inspire others to consume less just as they inspire me.

From dschermäni

now ur on THE german news site on teh web


hey, congraturlations for this project. my only concern would be that people will not be shocked enough by the little trash you produce. i'm sure it's a lot less than average.
but on the other hand, this shows how clean trash can be...! (if you remove the organic part, as you explained)

Britt Bravo

Congrats, Ari! I found this 'cause people who read about you have been clicking through to the interview I did with you and Eric a while back.

Mr Oneness

This is a BRILLIANT idea! Thank you so much for sharing, caring and bring light to the fact that the US really creates what seems to be an endless supply of trash! Consumerism and packaging filling and polluting everything in sight... I appreciate your journey, discipline and desire to look at your own contributions to the heap. We could all learn a lot of your example!



WAY TO GO!!!!!
as a dweller on this planet and as an ecological theologian, I gotta commend you on this project...

staying well-tuned into your blog,

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